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Hi! My name is Yesica and I am 16 years old. I'm currently a student at Albertville High School, AL but I have put some thought and decided to do online classes. I have chosen this path so I can do missionary work for God in other countries and explore other career options. I have always wanted to become a writer, veterinarian, or both, but I want to see where God leads me. I have prayed to God to guide me and make it clear to me what my career path should be. I love being in quiet places like nature, so I can read, write, or listen to music. I love to be with my dog, Dexter and I like sleeping as well!

I also wanna learn to play the piano and guitar. Any generous donations that you give me will be fully grateful. I would like to thank everybody for the donations that you give me and even to those who couldn't, but gave me support in words of kindness. I would also like to specifically thank God for everything he has done for me!