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Hi there! My name is Lizelle and I’m from Los Angeles, CA. I currently attend SOULS West, the Pacific Union Conference’s School of Evangelism. At SOULS, I’m studying how to be a better leader and more effective soul-winner for Christ. I believe literature evangelism is the best preparation for any lines of mission work, especially for my want to be in the medical field. My goal is to pursue a career in nursing to be able to help trafficked children & work in indigenous tribes in the future.


My favorite book would have to be Peace Above the Storm because of the impact it’s had on my life with mental health. This book continues to help me take the focus out of self and unto Christ and others. If there ever comes a point in time where you have fallen out of love with Christ, Peace gives you 13 steps to find your way back to Him. God loves you and I hope you make Him yours today.