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Greetings wonderful family.  I am Marckendy Thermidor.  I am currently studying Theology at Ouachita Hills College in Amity, Arkansas to fulfill God's ministerial and missionary calling upon my life. I was born and raised in the great state of Florida, while my parents reign from the Caribbean island of Haiti.  My burning passion is to be molded into the best man that I can be - with a strong mind, heart, family, and a strong love for souls.  In short, I want to be just like Jesus and I want to know (and experience) the fullness of His love.  It is in part for this reason that I am canvassing with the Minnesota Youth Rush team this summer.  


Of the books we carry, my personal favorite is Peace Above the Storm because of the tremendous impact it had upon my life during the most difficult periods of my life.  This book has opened my eyes to the depths of Jesus' love for me.  However, it is the book The Great Controversy that I exert the greatest effort to get out to the public as a canvasser.  It contains information that is so vital for these last days.


In addition to doing God's work and striving to be the best man that I can be, there are many activities that I love to do.  I am a tremendous fan of adventure and the great outdoors.  I love flying, horsing, boating, exploring, running, hiking, and many more activities in God's nature.  I also love participating in Bible studies, and having long conversations with friends on fruitful subjects. I am currently teaching myself the guitar and taking piano lessons.