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Jordan de Graaff is an 18 year old college student, studying Forensic Psychology, Forensic Biology, and Healthcare Administration. His hope is to become a doctor and special agent for the FBI so he can help victims of violent crimes and people who are hurting. He is the Founder and President of a non-profit called CY CHRIST that helps victims of faith-based abuse with healing, and helps trains churches on preventing abuse. He plays, violin, piano, and sings, and loves arranging, orchestrating, and composing music. He also enjoys creative writing and playwriting, and uses those talents to praise God.


Out of the books that we carry, Peace Above the Storm is my favorite, because it helped me through a really hard time in my life and it continues to help me whenever I am stressed out, feeling down, or worried about my future. The chapters help me to see Jesus better and lose sight of all the stress I have going on in my life. And it has beautiful nature pictures, short practical stories, and some other nice things like a song, or Bible promises. It’s great for devotionals, or just to pick up when I’m having a hard day.