We are dedicated to helping individual churches set up Community Services and Disaster Response programs to best serve the needs of their local community. Our number one goal is to help our community in the name of Christ. We are here to help you because He loves you.

  • Do you need help?
  • Do you need food?
  • Do you need clothing?
  • Are you suffering with addiction?
  • Do you need help your finances?
  • Are you suffering with Depression?
  • Would you like help to stop smoking?
  • Can we help you improve your health? (diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, loss of energy, weight control)


  1. Contact your local Seventh-day Adventist church. If our local church does not have a program to meet your needs, we can help you find the local resources you need.
  2. Go to www.211.org to locate LOCAL community organizations, food shelves, shelters, abuse hotlines, and much more!
  3. Contact us directly to help you find local resources

Schedule an ACS Presentation in your Church

Is your church interested in learning more about the various community services organizations in our state? Does your church have a Community Services department but would like ideas on how to expand your work for Christ? Is your church ready to start a Community Services ministry but needs help getting started?

Please schedule an ACS presentation today. We have representatives for each region of Minnesota, and we are ready to serve!

What Does the Presentation Include?

Generally in teams of two, we give a 20 minute afternoon power point presentation.

Depending on your church's needs, we may also hold an afternoon "brainstorming" session to help get your Community Services ministry moving!

If necessary, we can also provide a separate Community Service related sermon for the day.

How much?

While we will come to any church at no cost, it would be very helpful for the church to provide expenses for lodging, food, and mileage for the two presenters.

We love ideas, so please share what your Community Services projects you have been involved in - help our MN churches get involved.

Contact Les Morrison to schedule a presentation today! leslie.morrison@mnsda.com or 763.424.8923