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Hello, my name is Angelica Garcia and I am 17 years old.  I am currently a student at Maplewood Academy in Hutchinson, MN. I will be going  into my senior year in August. After high school I plan to go into the medical field and become a medical missionary in Cuba and around the world. I plan to become a veterinarian in the future and study at Southern University in Tennessee.

 I enjoy spending time with my family and church  friends. I am the second child in my family, I have an older brother who has achieved his dream of becoming a personal trainer. A younger sister who wishes to become a Cosmetologist.  I’m not a very active person, which is strange because I walk about 8 hours a day, but I enjoy reading, singing, writing and spending time with animals. This program has helped me to grow a love for nature and has helped me grow more in Christ. This summer my goal is to make $24,000 and achieve my goal of paying for my entire school tuition.

The donations you give help me, but they also help us get more books out. Each of these books have helped me become a better person and soldier for Christ. They have helped me realize just how much of a sinner I am and just how much I need a Savior. My wish is that enough donations are given, so that more of these books may touch the lives of all who read them. In this program I have seen time and time again the wrath of Satan and the amount of hate he has for the work we do, so I implore you to please help us continue this work. Whether it be with donations, prayer or even as another worker. Thank you for your help and God Bless.


My favorite is The Great Controversy, solely because of all the great information and the stories it tells. It has helped me open my eyes to many of the things happening in the world today. It has shown me time and time again just how accurate the Bible is and the amazing power of God. This book is not only good for reading alone, but it’s also great for Bible studies!!

I’m not much of a cook, but Simply Fresh has helped me in expanding my cooking skills. So far my favorite of all the meals is the Biscuits and Gravy, which is found on page….. These meals are not only easy to make but they are also healthy and delicious!!!

Peace Above the Storm is the group favorite. It has helped many of us overcome things like Depression, Anxiety and Worry. It has helped each of us grow closer to God and to learn how to become better friends with Him.

The Answer is my personal favorite when it comes to Bible Studies and just devotions in general. It helps answer many questions all in the light of the Bible. It’s a great book for teenagers struggling to understand the Bible.

Habits the Heal was a very big eye opener when I first read it. It looks at the habit of the longest living people in America. I never realized just how big of an impact our habits have to our health. To be honest until this point I really didn’t know what habits were or I at least had a wrong picture of what they were.

Theodicy is one of our two DVD’s that we have. This one goes into depth of the reason why there is so much pain and suffering in the world today. It is available in both Spanish and English.

Ancient Health is another DVD that we have that help make being healthy easy and painless. It goes with our health set and gives and overview of the different lifestyles of Egyptians and Roman Gladiators.

Although I am a teenager I still enjoy a good storybook once in a while. Real Heroes helps kids have a better understanding on the Greatest Bible Heroes of the Old Testament. I has thought questions and other things that will help engage the kids as they read the stories. It’s a great book to use for family worship

Jesus Friend of Children(My Friend Jesus) is another great storybook the we have. This one takes a look at the life of Jesus for his birth to his resurrection. It includes different activities to do with the kids and engage them in the story of our Lord and Savior.

When wanting to study the Bible in a deeper manner Bible Answers is the book for you. This book helps answer over 900 questions we many have. All the questions lead you right back to the Bible. It’s a great book to have for Bible studies and personal devotions.