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My name is Pericles da Silva. I’m Cape Verdean and have been in the US since 2006. Currently I’m working for the Minnesota Conference Youth Rush Canvassing Program raising funds to help cover my school expenses. I’m planning on continuing my education in Andrews University, where I’ve been studying theology for two years. I love evangelism and being out in nature, especially by a river or a lake. The purpose of this autobiographical note is to give you an evangelistic opportunity – supporting my studies through your prayers and voluntary donations. Please share with those who love ministry as well. Thank you!


The Great Controversy is my first-choice book. It enables me to see the fulfillment of God's Word through history evincing its future fulfillment which, emphatically, involves the ultimate deliverance of His people. It confirms the Biblical truth  of God's love for humanity giving us a glorious and eternal hope.