Pathfinder Fair

2021 Pathfinder Fair Information


The Pathfinder Fair will be held at three locations: Minnetonka Seventh-day Adventist Church, Capitol City Adventist Christian School, and a Northern Minnesota location. This will allow for social distancing and smaller groups at each location. This event will be held in Class B Uniform. 


Pathfinder Fair will be held on May 2 from 9:30am-3:00pm.

Registration HERE before midnight April 25th. 




Minnetonka Adventist Church: 3510 Williston Rd, Minnetonka, MN 55345

Capitol City Adventist Christian School: 1220 McKnight Rd S, St Paul, MN 55119


Pathfinder Fair Schedule


8:45       Area Coordinator Preparation Meeting

9:00       Club Director Preparation Meeting and Registration set-up

9:30       Health and Temperature Check and Club Registration with Directors

  • Everyone onsite will to go through the health screening questions and temperature check
  • People register with their club director, and club director will check for Pathfinder Waivers
  • Each Club will be given a Color Wrist Band to aid with Station Rotations.

10:00     Welcome & Prayer

10:05     Color Guard

10:10     Pledge & Law & Song

10:20     Devotional

10:30     Announcements

10:40     Marching Instruction

  • As many clubs haven’t been able to meet in person to do marching practice, this event will have a general marching refresher course for everyone
  • Club drill instructors are invited help instruct

11:15     Drill Down

  • This is a marching game where Pathfinders get to practice their marching skills in a Simon Says style competition

11:35     Fancy March

  • Clubs are invited to sign up to do a fancy march presentation, these will not be scored

11:45     Lunch

  • Everyone will need to bring a sack lunch or work out food within their family or club there isn’t going to be food for sale this year

12:30     Group Honor – God’s Messenger

1:30       Verbal Reports – What has your club been doing this year?

  • Each club is asked to plan a 5 minute report where the director and Pathfinders share with the group 1 or 2 activities or honors their club has worked on this last year. Clubs are welcome to bring visuals if they have them, but they are not required

2:00       Honor - Christian Grooming and Manners

  • This Honor will be taught through station rotations. Each club will be asked to rotate together according to their schedule and color group.

3:00       Clean up

3:15       Closing Prayer and Announcements



You will need:


  • Wavier Each Pathfinder needs a current 2020-2021 Conference Wavier (many have fill out this wavier already online as part of their club registration), but if you did not sign an online wavier you need to bring a signed paper wavier or come with your parent for them to sign onsite
  • Lunch. Clubs will not be selling food this year at the Pathfinder Fair, so each person attending needs to bring a lunch with them. This is an outdoor facility and no electricity is available.
  • Seating. The fair is happening outside in a field. We recommend everyone bring foldable camping chairs for each person as no chairs will be provided.
  • Mask. Current Minnesota Health Department guidance requires a mask if individuals are inside or cannot maintain a 6ft social distance. As this activity is outside, masks will only be required if and when youth are not maintain the 6ft social distance.