2024 Pathfinder Fair Information

Date: May 5, 2024

Event: Pathfinder Fair, a time of fellowship, learning and celebration. As clubs from all over Minnesota come together to share what they have been learning this year and join with other clubs in learning an honor. This year everyone will be sharing displays from their Lego Honor.

Location: Maplewood Academy, 700 Main St N, Hutchinson, MN 55350

Honor: We will be working on Camping Skills 1-3

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Registration Closes: April 22 @ midnight





Display Booth

Each Club needs to set up a Display Booth to share the activities they have been doing throughout the year with other clubs. Here is what should be including on the board and how it will be graded.  Display Information 


Basic Marching and Drilling covers a number of commands. To prepare your club for the Marching and Drilling activity please make sure they are proficient in all these basic commands. Command List

Pathfinder of the Year

We invite Director's to nominate one Pathfinder each year that exemplifies the ideal of Pathfinders. A club with more then 40 Pathfinders can nominate two Pathfinders. 

Pathfinder of the Year Guidelines