Conference Camporee



Sabbath, 8/8/20


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11:00 am     Pathfinder Church "Unashamed" 

                        Special Musics by clubs

                        Sermon by Youth Pastor Mic Henton


7:00 pm        Interactive vespers "How do you share the Gospel" -       

Sunday, 8/9/20


1:00 pm     Duck-tape Honor -


   Duck Tape Honor Supplies: 
   Duck Tape- At least 3 colors (Rose color, green for stem and leaves, and decorative)

   Grocery bag (plastic) for Tote- cut to 10" x 24" 





   Self Healing Cutting Mat 12"x 12" (available at Jo Ann Fabric or Hobby Lobby stores, under $20.)

   Straws or pencil for Stem of Rose


   X-acto knife (with parent permission)


These interactive events will be on

3:00 pm     Pathfinder Sharing and Reflection

4:00 pm     Marching drills

4:30 pm      Closing Ceremonies