Leadership Training

Continuing Education  


As a Pathfinder Leader we want you to be equipped for ministry.  Pathfinder's promotes annual training for all staff so that clubs can continue to improve, grow, and thrive. 

This education season we are connecting club leaders and staff with self-paced online training courses and a well as a host of other resources for ministry. 

Link to NAD OneTeam Training HERE


  1. Go to oneteamplaybook.org
  2. Click the Menu tab at the top
  3. Select Certification Tracks or Workshop Tracks
  4. Click a track that looks interesting to you that you would like to complete
  5.  Watch all videos in the track. At the end of every video, write a short summary of the video and what you learned from it.
  6.  Go to minnesotaconferenceofsda.regfox.com/club-training and Fill out the form with your information and sentences about the videos.

  7.  Check your email for a confirmation of completion.

Download these instruction for training HERE


Other Training Resources

Basic Staff Training Track

Teen Leadership Training Coordinator