1. Church has presentable literature 

- This means literature is not outdated or old.  Literature should be contemporary and modern. GLOW Tracts fit this criteria. Click to Buy GLOW Tracts

 2. Literature is visible

- Is it located where all can see? Do all church members know it exists?  Does your church have a nice literature rack? Click to order Literature Rack

 3. Church has GLOW Leader

- This person represents the conference literature department

Click to see Local Church GLOW Leader description

 4. Sermon on literature once a quarter

- GLOW leader takes a few minuets every sabbath to share testimonies

 5. Church has "Flush Sabbath" if needed

- Organize an outreach to flush out the old literature or mail old literature to the conference to be passed out later.

 6. Church communicates with conference GLOW Department

- Keep members informed about conference outreach events

 7. Church has monthly GLOW Subscription

Click to see GLOW Subscription Application