The purpose of the local church GLOW leader is to have regular communication between the church members that past out tracts in the church, the pastoral staff, and the Conference Literature Evangelism Coordinator.  Here is a summary of the local church GLOW leader’s job:

1) Check in with the members who consistently pass out tracts:

- Find out how they are doing with the commitments they have made for distributing literature.

- Offer encouragement to them.

-  See if they have any exciting experiences to share.
- Pray with them

2) Recruit new members to pass out GLOW Literature 

3) Collect emails from all church members to receive testimonies, and conference updates

4) Arrange for regular (weekly if possible) testimony time in church to share GLOW experiences

5) Organize literature distribution for the church:

- Sabbath afternoons in the church’s community(at least once a month)
               Level 1: non-door to door distribution
               Level 2: door to door distribution (combine with survey or prayer request if desired)
- At events in the area, such as large gatherings you can pass out literature as the people exit
- Other

6) Connect church with upcoming events, such as GLOW rallies, distribution events, etc.

7) Get to know some of the benefits and principles of literature distribution, as discussed in books like Colporteur Ministry* and Publishing Ministry

 8) Order literature and supplies for the church when they are running low