When: March 19th - 22nd

Where: St. Paul First SDA Church 

Address: 1935 Princeton Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

Why: To Distribute 50,000 GLOW Tracts

Cost: $25 per person


What to bring? (For those lodging at the church)

If staying at the church:



*Bath towel


*Sleeping bag

*Air mattress and pump or sleeping pad


*Warm clothes

*Good Attitude

*Comfortable walking shoes

*Sabbath Clothing



*NOTE: This schedule is for those who might want to come for a day or two.  A more detailed schedule will be provided for those lodging at the church. 


Thursday March 19

1:00pm: Orientation 

2:30pm: Training/ Pass out literature

7:30pm: Testimonies/ Worship Talk

Friday March 20th

9:30am: Testimonies/ Worship Talk

10:30am: Training/ Pass out literature

Sabbath March 21st

2:30pm: Training/ Pass out literature

7:30pm: Testimonies/ Worship Talk

Sunday March 22nd

10:15am: Testimonies/ Worship Talk

11:00am: Training/ Pass out literature

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