Fun Day

General Information

The Adventurer Fun Day is April 21, 2018, at Maplewood Academy. 


Adventurer Fun Day will take place on a date yet to be determined. In general, Adventurer Fun Day is an opportunity for children to earn badges, participate in marching, and operate fundraisers.

Morning will be for earning badges, stars and chips.

Each club has the option to sell food as a fundraiser at lunch time.  Otherwise, clubs will need to bring a sack lunch or they will need money to purchase food as lunch is not provided other than the clubs that have food for sale.  

Children should be in their dress uniform for the morning and may change to their field uniform for the afternoon activities (you may want to have them change clothes before they eat).

Each club needs to provide at least one helper to work with the outdoor activities. Larger clubs should provide two or three.  (Perfect opportunity for parent participation!)

Fees & Payment

More information will be available soon. 


Will open by February 1.