Annual Club Registration


Every Adventurer Club need to complete all four steps of this register process with the Minnesota Conference by September 30, 2021 for the 2021-2022 year.  



Club's Name will be added to each step after the prior step has been completed. 


Step 1 Link 

 - Basic Club Information, filled out by Club Director

Step 2 Link

 - Church and Club Coordination Agreement, filled out by the church pastor 

Step 3 Link  

- Information Uploads, attach staff list, member list, and calendar

          - Download Staff List Form Here (all staff need to be Verified Volunteers)

          - Download Club Member List Form Here

          - Calendar outlining planned club events can be uploaded in any form

Step 4 Link

 - Participant Waiver, each club member needs a parent to sign this wavier

Why Register?

Registration is necessary as it ensures that your club is working with the Adventurers, Parents, Church and Conference in the best way. The registration process will have you have updated Pathfinder and staff information, connect the club and the church so they are on the same page (this is especially important during Covid times) and get you the updated volunteer screening and necessary paper work so your events can covered by insurance.

Registration is required to attend any Conference Adventurer Event and to purchase club specific supplies from AdventSource.

Beyond that as a registered club  we can better work with you to connect you to events and the resources that will help you be successful in your ministry.

Registration Form