All Adventurer Clubs must register with the Minnesota Conference on an annual basis. The deadline to complete the application process for the 2019-2020 Adventurer year is October 31 th.

Our application forms are online Excel forms for the annual club registration process. We hope you find this method quicker and more convenient.

Please note: all club staff must complete the online training and successfully complete the background check. Please click on "Verified Volunteers" to the right for more information.

Club Registration Process

  1. After you organize your club, set a calendar for the year, and prepare a budget for your club, you are ready to complete the Adventurer Club Annual Application (A). Please complete ALL the information, and have ALL approved with the appropriate signatures. If your church changes officers partway through the Adventurer year, then YOU (Director) need to pass on all Adventurer information to the next leader taking charge, and give the Conference the updated club information.
    1. Contact your church pastor (or head elder if no pastor), submit to him your plans for the club, and submit your calendar and budget for church board approval. Obtain your pastor’s signature on your Adventurer Club Annual Application (A), to indicate you have church board approval of your club and its planned activities.
    2. Contact your Area Coordinator, discuss and review your calendar and budget, and have him/her review your application documents. Once reviewed, check the approval box on your Adventurer Club Annual Application (A) to indicate he/she has reviewed your calendar, budget, and your documents for accuracy and completeness.
    3. Sign your Adventurer Club Annual Application (A). This indicates you have taken responsibility for your club and all activities relating to your club, and for your staff and club members.
  2. Mandatory Background Check and Training for Staff* and Volunteers: Have all staff (including you) complete an online background check through the Minnesota Conference authorized site. Find the link on our Adventurer website. If your staff does not have computer access, you or the church needs to provide access or utilize local library services.
  3. Fill out your Yearly Staff Registration Form (B). Make sure you list ALL staff contact information, cell phone and email especially. If new staff want to join your club later in the year, they will also need to complete the online background check process and you need to let the Conference know their contact information.
  4. Parents will have completed a Membership Application (with Health Record and Consent to Treat forms). Use these forms to compile your Adventurer Membership List (C) form. (You will keep the Membership Applications and Consent to Treat forms with the club for fields trips and camporees; please do not mail them to the Conference.)
  5. Please submit your Adventurer Club Annual Application (A), Adventurer Staff Registration Form (B), Adventurer Membership List (C), Waivers Form from all staff and Pathfinders (D), and Calendar to the Youth Ministries office by email, mail, or in person. 
  6. Once processed and complete, you will receive a Certificate of Operation for your club to display in your church, and your club will have appropriate privileges as you participate in all Conference sponsored activities for Adventurer Club ministries.

*Clarification for staff working in various ministries – Including our churches, schools, anything Conference related even just for providing transportation for youth events: Complete the online background check/training once every three years.