Family Camp

Family Camp is Canceled for 2020. 

Dates & General Info

What to Bring

Clubs will be responsible for their own meals and camping equipment.  Plus, you may want to bring chairs. 

For Family Camp, always bring your tents, bedding and camping gear, as well as food.  Please use standard-size tents as space is limited to approximately 3 square feet per camper.


If you are coming with a club and don't have extra responsibilities with that club and would like to help us with the Camporee Activities -- please sign up as a volunteer.  If you are a parent coming along, and your club can spare you, please sign up!  If you are a Master Guide and have the time, please sign up to help us,  Thank you!! 

Cost the Weekend

0-3 years old - Free

4-16 years old - $10

17 years old and above - $20






Suggested Supply Lists

Personal Packing List

Tent, stakes,  poles, hammer
Tarp for under the tent
Lantern & or flashlights
Cot/air mattress/sleeping pad
Sleeping bags/blankets, pillow
Plastic bag for dirty laundry
Towels and washcloth
Footwear for shower (flip-flops)
Toiletry items (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, Hairbrush, comb, deodorant, hair dryer, hair bands, etc)
Adventurer Uniform
Rain gear (just in case)
warm jackets (just in case)
Camera (optional)

Club Packing List

Pots and pans
Dish soap, dish towels & dishpans
Plates, cups, bowls, silverware or plastic ware
Cooking utensils/can opener
Cook stove
Fire extinguisher
Tables and tablecloth
Water container
Garbage bags
Toilet paper (just in case!)
First aid kit
Club banner/flags (if you have)

    Family Camp Guidelines

    Per the North American Division guidelines for Adventurer Family Camping:

    • A parent or legal guardian must accompany their own child(ren) at all times. No exceptions. Note: This guideline makes a provision for Adventurers to camp, but only with their parent(s) or legal guardian. A legal guardian is someone who has been appointed by a judge in a United States court of law. Keep in mind that a paper witnessed and signed by a notary public with a parent giving permission for a child to stay with you is not an accepted form.
    • Parents or legal guardians are not permitted to grant permission to Adventurer staff to take their minor children overnight camping under any circumstances. No exceptions.
    • Adventurer staff are prohibited from sleeping with children that are not their own.
    • Adventurers are not permitted to sleep in tents or cabins unsupervised.  Neither are they permitted to sleep with another child, except they are siblings and the parent(s) is present. No exceptions.
    • Each union and conference has the responsibility of introducing, implementing, and managing these guidelines to there constituents.