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North American Division


2024 International Camporee 




Mid America Union


Union College Parents Weekend—September 24-25. If you are the parent or grandparent of a Union student, join us for this special weekend to learn more about Union and get a taste of what your student's college life is like—all while spending a little extra time with them.

Learn more at ucollege.edu/parents-weekend  Or call Ryan Teller, Executive Director 402-486-2600 x 2272


Minnesota Conference


Adventurer and Pathfinder Ministries

Grow Youth and Family Ministry through Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs! 2021-2022 Conference Club Registration is open now till September 30. Register at mnsda.com/ministries/pathfinders/annual-registration. Want to start a new club?  Have questions about the registration process? Just email the Youth Director, Shelina Bonjour, at shelina.bonjour@mnsda.com


Veggie Food for Sale at Maplewood Academy

Maplewood Academy is offering veggie meat for sale. A percentage of the proceeds go to help students attend MWA.  Give us a call to order: 320.587.2830, or go to veggiemeat@maplewoodacademy.org  Order deadline October 5. Delivery around October 30. Call to Schedule Food Pickup!!  



2021 Women’s Retreat

Hello Ladies!

We hope that you've had a wonderful summer, filled with many blessings.  As we wrap up summer and switch into gear for Fall, we want to share out our flyer for this year's Women's Retreat: Come to the Well, featuring our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Heather Thompson Day. Come to the Well Women's Retreat 2021 

In this online flyer, you will find all of the Women's Retreat info you will need to register, sign up for our women's choir, donate to our scholarship fund or apply for scholarship funds, and much more!  We are looking forward to seeing you in-person this year at Cragun's!




Minikus Music Tour

Hello Minnesota Church Family,

I am so very excited to share an opportunity for music ministry/a live concert in your local church (big or small) by some awesome Christ-centered musicians who have a passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  I recently reached out to Matt and Josie Minikus (www.mattandjosieminikus.com) regarding coming to our local church in Blackberry next summer for a concert, and we are so excited to share their music with our local community.  We have been richly blessed by their beautiful music and know that our neighbors will be as well.  They would graciously welcome the opportunity to share their music in more churches in Minnesota too, so if you are interested, please contact Matt at: (712) 310-5546 or connect@mattandjosieminikus.com.  I know that they will be sharing their music in other churches in Minnesota next summer, so contact them soon if you'd like to invite them to your church too.  If you're not yet familiar with their inspiring and thoughtful music, checkout their Youtube channel here:  Youtube.com/mattandjosieminikus.  Sara Swanson – Blackberry SDA Church

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