Ministry Description

Job Summary

  • The pastor is appointed by the conference to oversee the affairs of the local church or district. The pastor is ordained/commissioned, or is preparing for ordination/commission, and by virtue of ordination/commission is qualified to function in all rites and ceremonies. 

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Serve as the congregation’s spiritual leader and advisor.
  • Regularly and effectively communicate with church members, church and/or school board(s), conference, etc. regarding pertinent issues. 
  • With the assistance of elders, plan for and lead out in all spiritual services, such as Sabbath morning worships and prayer meetings, and officiate at communion services and baptisms.
  • Cooperate with the locally elected church officers.
  • Model and train members in evangelism, assimilation, and all systems of the church.
  • Instruct and train others in their duties and plan with them for all lines of church work and activity.
  • Serve as a member of the church board and may serve as its chairperson. If the pastor desires to be relieved of this responsibility, another board member may serve as chairperson in cooperation with the pastor.
  • Preparing individuals for baptism in the church who have manifested a desire to become SDA church members, as well as ministering to the spiritual needs of the existing church members of church.
  • Visiting church members, especially those unable to attend church service because of age, sickness, disability, or who reside in nursing or convalescence homes.
  • Regularly check email and phone messages and respond to requests for information in a timely manner.
  • Support Adventist Christian Education and, for churches with a constituent school, serve as a member of the school board and cooperate with the school staff in agreed upon ways of ministering to the students and their families.
  • Attend and actively participate in pastors, workers, and area cluster meetings.
  • Ensure that volunteers who work with children are properly screened and receive required child protection training. 
  • Regularly work and communicate with the conference’s human resources department to ensure the church is in compliance with human resources matters, including, but not limited to: locally funded hiring/terminating processes; displaying current federal/state labor law posters, worker’s compensation reporting; non-discrimination practices; maintaining an environment free of harassment, etc. 
  • Other duties as appropriate or assigned.


  • A Seventh-day Adventist church member in regular standing, and a desire to serve in a cooperative, spiritually redemptive, and soul-winning atmosphere. Must have an expressed commitment to Jesus Christ, the teachings and mission of the Church. 
  • Must have a Bachelor of Arts in Theology, Religious Studies, or similar; or equivalent relevant experience. Prefer Masters of Divinity or similar.  
  • Prefer 3-5 years of directly applicable pastoral experience.
  • Must have above-average people skills, and be able to relate positively and effectively with the public in.
  • Must be able to clearly communicate complex ideas in both public and private settings.
  • Must demonstrate a willingness to work cooperatively with Conference administration and personnel.
  • Must be able to write and speak English at a basic level, prefer fluency.