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Pastor Jeff Scoggins Communication

New Conference President Jeff Scoggins is hoping to increase communication from the conference to all the church members in Minnesota. We have created two new options for keeping up with the news. First is “The Northern Light Extra,” which is an email newsletter directly from Pastor Scoggins that will arrive in your inbox at least monthly and sometimes more often. Subscribe at http://eepurl.com/iu3GJQ. The second option, if you are on Facebook, is to follow his page at Facebook.com/PastorJeffScoggins. You can at least try the options out and if you don’t find them useful, it’s easy to unsubscribe. 


Job Opportunity

Pets Remembered Cremation Service in New Brighton is looking for 1 full-time and 1 part-time worker. As a 3rd generation family-owned business, owned by an Adventist family, they would prefer to hire Adventists.

Applicants must be of legal age and possess a valid driver’s license. The nature of the job necessitates compassion. The hours offered are somewhat flexible, and the observance of Sabbath is always accommodated. Pets Remebered specializes in individual cremation, and cremates approximately 8-10 pets per day. Visit petsrememberedcremation.com to learn more.

Interested persons should contact Peyton Isburg at (605) 280–2302 or isburgs@yahoo.com.



Healing the Broken at Minneapolis First

Minneapolis First invites you to a vital weekend seminar, "Healing The Broken," with Drs. David and Beverly Sedlacek on January 26 & 27. The topics will be Our Story, God’s Story, Trauma and its Impact on our Lives, God’s Ministry of Healing, Strategies for Healing Trauma, and Addiction Recovery

Dr. David Sedlacek is a recently retired Professor and Chair of the Department of Discipleship and Lifespan Education at Andrews University. He has worked in public and private settings as a clinician, researcher, teacher, pastor, chaplain, and administrator. Dr. Sedlacek has worked extensively in the areas of addiction, abuse, relationships, marriage, and family.  Dr. Beverly Sedlacek is trained in psychiatry and has worked and taught in the area of psychiatric nursing. She has worked as a Clinical Director in several treatment facilities.  The Sedlaceks teach and counsel on the issue of emotional healing and family well-being and have written the book "Cleansing the Sanctuary of the Heart: Tools for Emotional Healing."



Maplewood Academy Senior Class Benefit

The Maplewood Academy Senior class will be putting on their Senior Benefit, an original play called "A Very 'Ope-ful Christmas Vacation", on Saturday night, December 2, at 7:00 p.m. This is a fundraiser event for the class and we would love for you all to come! Admission is $5 a person. Concessions available.  See attached bulletin insert.




Year End Giving

Are you looking for ways to support God’s work while reducing your taxes for this year? Did you know that there are ways to give that will not only save you on taxes, but also won’t drain your bank account?

Donating non-cash assets like real estate, stocks, crypto currency, art, and other types of property that have appreciated in value can be a great way to provide significant funding for the ministries you care about while also reducing your tax burden.

If you have any of these assets and you’ve been thinking about selling and then giving a cash gift to your local church, Adventist school, evangelism, or other ministries that are important to you, consider donating the asset instead. By giving appreciated property instead of cash by December 31, you’ll be able to bypass capital gains taxes you would owe if you sold the property, plus you’ll receive a charitable income tax deduction for 2023, and the full value of your donation will be utilized to fund your favorite ministries without being reduced by taxes. Contact the Planned Giving and Trust Services department today and learn more about how donating appreciated assets can benefit you as well as help share God’s love and truth with others.



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