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Lift the Lodge Campaign
Minnesota has a fantastic opportunity for building a new lodge at North Star Camp.

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The new lodge pictured here will cost $1.5 million and we have been offered a matching gift that will cover a full third of that cost if we can raise the balance by December 31, 2014. For every $2 pledged (payable by the end of 2015) we will receive another $1. 

To make a pledge call 763-424-8923

Attention, If you work with children
Everyone who works with children in the Minnesota Conference as employees or volunteers, it is time to renew all of our background checks. The process is entirely online now, and safety training is included in the course, which takes about an hour to complete. Please visit Shield the Vulnerable at the link below right away. All background checks will be effective until 2020. Thank you for doing your part to keep our children safe!

Revelation Speaks Peace
with Shawn Boonstra
February 27 - March 28, 2015

Volunteers Needed!

Mission Trip to India in 2015

Would you be interested in investing a few of your dollars and two or three weeks of your time is doing something which is guaranteed to forever inspire your spiritual enthusiasm? January 16 through 30 the Minnesota Conference will again be supporting a mission trip to India. We will probably be actually leaving on the 12th or 13th and get home a few days after our meetings end. We need speakers, children’s story tellers, and health talk presenters. Our work will not be in any large cities, but in small rural villages in the district of Andhra Pradesh.

If you are involved with a new church plant, your meetings will probably be outdoors with only a tarp strung up for a ceiling and there will be dirt for the flooring. But you will be working with some of the most gracious, kind people in the world. And as a result of your being there with them when you leave, the nucleus of a new church plant will be left behind. During the year following a church building will be built, and should you return the following year, you will see the church full of happy people, radiant with Christ’s love.

Should you volunteer to be a part of a team which will be holding revival meetings in a church already established you will be excited by the enthusiasm of the local village people’s love for Jesus and their appreciation of what He has done and is doing for them.

Pray about this. God may just be calling you to the adventure of a lifetime. Each person is responsible for their own airfare/transportation costs, food, lodging, passport and visa. For more information please call Barbara Christiansen, 715-792-2527 or send an email.

2014 Women's Retreat Speaker

If you missed women's retreat you can still listen to Hyveth Williams' messages right here.
Friday evening:  Enough is Enough
Sabbath morning:  Take Off Your Shoes
Sabbath evening:  Armed and Extremely Dangerous
Sunday morning:  The Blessing Is In the Pressing


Office Closes 12:45 pm - Dec 24, 2014

Christmas - Office Closed - Dec 25, 2014

TC School of Evangelism - Jan 09, 2015

Metro Pastor's Meeting - Jan 14, 2015

Metro Pastor's Meeting - Jan 28, 2015

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Let Us Act Now to Avoid Lost Opportunity

I frequently procrastinate. I often wait until the deadline to get things finished. Sometimes, I miss the deadline and it costs me money, time, and/or opportunity. I have been putting off a very important task because the deadline wasn’t upon me. Perhaps you’ve been doing the same thing?

In recent years, the North Star Camp summer program has ministered to a large number of youth. NSC has undergone significant transformation with new camper and staff cabins. But, the Lodge still needs an extensive upgrade. It has been determined that replacing the sixty-something-year-old Lodge makes more sense than trying to resolve all of the issues through repair and remodeling. The expectation is that the project could be completed with $1,500,000. A generous donor has offered to give up to $500,000 as a challenge gift which will match one dollar for every two that the Minnesota Conference raises or has pledged by December 31st, 2014. (Pledges would need to be fulfilled by the end of 2015.) Now we have a deadline.

I have known that my wife and I would be giving to “Lift the Lodge” at North Star Camp. I have been asking others to give, and I have been making monthly gifts for NSC. I had not filled in our pledge card until today. It had been sitting on the kitchen counter along with a few other things I would get to “sometime.”

At first, I was going to fill in an amount which I calculated as “affordable.” Then, I thought to pray about it. After my wife and I prayed together, the amount which we pledged was more than twice as much as I had first planned to give. We trust that, while we may have to make some adjustments in our household expenses, the Lord will provide.

This opportunity for the Minnesota Conference to receive a matching gift of a half million dollars to significantly improve our North Star Camp facilities is unique and time-limited. It is also very important that we make the most of the opportunity. I don’t want you to wait until December 31st, 2014, or, even worse, until January 1st, 2015, to give your gift or return your pledge card. Please sit down, pray about the matter, and then send your gift or pledge to the Conference office. Is there a “Lift the Lodge” response form and envelope on your kitchen counter, or somewhere else in your home? Are you planning to use it? Act now. Complete it and send it today.

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