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Officers Re-Elected

On May 15, 2016, the Minnesota Conference Association held their Second Quadrennial (108th regular) Constituency Session. During regular conference constituency sessions, electing officers for the next four years is a high priority. The names for each position are recommended by the Nominating Committee prior to the constituency session.
Twenty members of the Nominating Committee are selected by the delegates of ten territorial regions, meeting separately to select representatives from the region they represent. Three additional members are selected by the Board of Trustees. The committee is chaired by the Mid-America Union Conference President or his designee. This year, Gil Webb, President of the MAUC, chaired the Nominating Committee a few weeks prior to the Constituency Session.
We are pleased to announce that the constituency voted to re-elect Justin C. Lyons to be our Conference President and Brian K. Mungandi to be our Conference Vice Present for Administration. Each candidate was recommended for reelection by the Nominating Committee, and was voted into their position by a sweeping majority. 
Elder Justin C. Lyons       Elder Brian K. Mungundi

Reggie Leach has accepted the Vice President for Finance position in the Arizona Conference, and due to time constraints, a candidate to fill that role in Minnesota was not brought forth during the constituency session. That position will be filled through the regular hiring process by the Board of Trustees.

Twin cities CAMP MEETING, JUNE 10-16, 2016

        Held at Kenyan Community Church July 10-15, 2016.
        Saturday July 16, 2016 Camp Meetings worship
         Address:  Northern Heights Lutheran Church: 
                         1700 Highway 96 W St. Paul MN 55112



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MAUC Session NE - Sep 11, 2016

Board of Trustees - Sep 20, 2016

Simple Church Workshop - Sep 23, 2016

High School Retreat - Oct 07, 2016

Board of Trustees - Oct 18, 2016

Pathfinder Training - Oct 28, 2016

Women's Retreat - Oct 28, 2016

Adventurer/Youth Training - Nov 04, 2016

Board of Trustees - Dec 18, 2016

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