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ABC - The Adventist Book Center (ABC) is your source for Christian books, music, health food, and much more.

Adventist Community Service (ACS) - We are dedicated to helping individual churches set up Community Services and Disaster Response programs to best serve the needs of their local community.


African Camp Meeting

ASI - Adventist-Laymen's Services & Industries

Camp Meeting - Each year Seventh-day Adventists and friends gather at Maplewood Academy for 10 days of spiritual revival.

Education - The Adventist Church in Minnesota operates a several high quality elementary and secondary schools. Find out more!

Gift Planning & Trust Services - Plan for the future of you, your family, and the Kingdom of God.

Maplewood Academy - Maplewood Academy, a co-educational boarding school owned and operated by the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Media - Spiritually uplifting programs from Minnesota and beyond.

Men's Ministries - Galvanize the energy and resources of men for God, family, church and community.

North Star Camp - North Star Camp offers summer camps for kids and families as well as other services.

Pathfinders - Pathfinders is a Christian "scouting"-style club for kids.

Personal Ministries - Personal Ministries is devoted to promoting healthy churches and equipping our members to grow the Kingdom of God. Here you will find information on events and programs, materials to support your ministry, and links to related resources.

Prison Ministries

Radio Ministries - Minnesota has one full-power FM radio station and three low-power FM stations.

Women's Ministries

Youth & Young Adults