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Feb. 23, 2015 Worker's Meetings
Pastors' Spiritual Retreats
A pastors' spiritual retreat is normally scheduled at North Star Camp the fourth week of April each year. The retreats are optional but all pastors are encouraged to attend. Mileage is covered by the conference. For more information email Jeff Scoggins

Vacation Processing
Please mail or e-mail your vacation request to the conference president at least thirty (30) days before you plan to take vacation time off. When you are gone and the conference office doesn’t know it, it doesn’t look that good for either party. We need to do our best to be responsible. Even during the holidays we need to know if you are in or out and if out, who is covering your churches. Find the form in the right column.

Church & School Safety Forms & Policies
All the forms and instructions necessary for creating your comprehensive church safety plan are provided to here. Please be sure to follow the instructions so that your church will be in compliance on all safety measures.

Reminder: Report Member Deaths to Conference
Please remember to report the deaths of church members to the Gift Planning and Trust Services department at the Conference office. The sooner we discover that someone has an estate trust with the Conference the better. It's always a joy to present a check to a church when someone has left some or even all of their estate to their local church.Also, an obituary submission form is downloadable for submission to the Outlook Magazine. Send this form to the communication department.